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Our Story

We met 13 years ago whilst studying at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland and it was love at first sight. Already then, we’d spend our days talking about how great it would be to open our own hotel someday and create “the perfect place”.


Fast forward our life to October 2006…


By then, we had explored the pristine shores of Sardinia and Cuba, lived in “beautiful but chaotic” Rome, paced the streets of Bangkok, shoveled snow in the Alps during the winter Olympics, criss-crossed Europe by car and were now joining the hordes of Londoners commuting to the City….


Though we kept insanely busy with work, we always found time to wonder and discover the simple hidden treasures nestled off the beaten track, be it the small family run restaurants or businesses, the retro designed warehouses or colorful local markets.


And yes…we would still be talking about owning our hotel one day…


In May 2010, we were blessed by the arrival of our baby daughter Leila. Suddenly, we needed to do something new, something fresh for ourselves, for our daughter… London, which had nurtured our ambitions and our cosmopolitan aspirations started to feel too fast, too grey.


We decided it was time to quit the talking and start realizing our dream. After much thinking and traveling (as far as Brazil!!), we followed the mysterious attraction of the M4 and travelled west until in May 2011, we reached the furthest corner of South West England, just a few miles from Lands End: the gorgeous town of St Ives.


The striking beauty of Cornwall and the kindness of its people cast their spell over us. There and then, it made perfect sense that this was the place where we needed to settle.


In September, after a bit of prospection we stumbled upon a cute 150 years old miner’s house in the centre of St Ives. Since then everything has happened in a flash, we sold our city pad, packed and left London and by december this charming property was ours. We have not looked back since!

This is the beginning of our adventure.


Trevose Harbour House will open in spring 2013. It’s going to be quite a ride! We will be gutting the House, stripping it back completely and refurbishing it to become a gorgeous and luxurious Guesthouse.


Follow our blog and check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more cool news and pics on how we’re getting on.


We can’t wait to open our doors and to welcome you in St Ives.


Angela & Olivier



16 Responses

  1. Lois Vitry Trapman says:

    Wow! So proud of you guys! Congrats! Please put me on that newsletter list, and most of all let us know when the opening is, i wouldn’t miss it for a thing!

    Love, xoxoxo

    Lois, Lorenzo and Kenzo!!

  2. Christine says:

    Salut les p’tits loups !
    Je suis de tout coeur avec vous et vous souhaite plein de force volonté et de courage pour réaliser vos rêves je vous embrasse très fort. Avec toute mon affection.

  3. MONKEY says:

    Well written and I love the pictures! I don’t doubt that the guesthouse will look and feel just as tasteful, minimalistic yet refined as the website and logo….AUGURI!!!

  4. nicky says:

    Oh, so very exciting! Can’t wait to see photos of its renovation and for the final grand unveiling!

  5. Fiona Holdom says:

    Congratulations on this amazing project which will surely be successful in such expert hands. If you haven’t already been to the Tate Gallery at St. Ives, be sure to drop in and ask for the curator, Martin Clark. His mum is our dear friend and neighbour in Illetas. Last summer, Ann and I talked about visiting Martin & his wife Rosie this summer. They have two children (Kitty & Oscar). I will be sure to let them know of Trevose Harbour House. All the best and can’t wait to see you in St. Ives!

  6. Mum says:

    Lovely the way you have written your story I will follow it although I know it all ofcourse love u Mum

  7. Wietse says:

    Beautiful :) What a romantic way to celebrate your love for each other! Wish you lots of happiness!

    Un abbraccio


  8. Julie says:

    That is a great project! Congratulations to you 3 1/2 ! ; )
    Wish you all the luck and strength to finish the renovations and all the success you deserve!
    Julie, Tony, Mahé & Siam

  9. Ivana says:

    Vi stavo aspettando…somewhere.. CARI AMICI miei..!!! La vostra storia mi ha sempre affascinata e l’infinito entusiasmo che sempre serbate è la Vostra forza e solo l’inizio del Vostro successo. In bocca al lupo di cuore! Spring 2013 sarò lì con VOI! Un abbraccio affettuoso, Ivana

  10. Francesca says:

    True story and great images … the website is looking very inviting! My weekend in St Ives was super … what a location the landscape is just sensational. I’m convinced Trevose Harbour House will have that unique quality and charm you bring to each project. I can’t wait to sip tea on the front porch with home made cakes and marmalade (the first marmalade batch was delicious btw) … and enjoying some late night jazz and a glass of wine on that delightful terrace.

    Good luck with the works!

  11. alessio says:

    ….siete in un paradiso terrestre..nel paradiso sono ammessi solo gli angeli e voi lo siete..un grandissimo in bocca al lupo e un agurio di buona fortuna.
    il posto sembra veramente fantastico e sono veramente curioso di vedere l’evoluzione del vostro proggetto e forse un giorno veniere a visitare la cornovaglia….certo nn e l’italia :-) ma ogni luogo ha il suo perche.
    ciao ciao alessio.
    ps: buona fortuna per il futuro arrivo e che dio vi protegga.

  12. Marijntje says:

    Wow, I suddenly have a picture of your live down there. The pictures are beautiful, especially yours Ang, on the beach!
    Love to come over some day soon and see how your dream grows.
    Kusje x

  13. Shanti says:

    Such a beautiful story and I simply love the design of the website. Look forward booking with Giovanni!!!

  14. Genaro Ihnat says:

    This is a really detailed list. Thank you these links helped me a lot!

  15. angelaolivier says:

    Glad it helped you!

  16. angelaolivier says:

    Hi Shanti,
    Thanks for your comment on our blog – excuse the delayed reply but we are crazy busy as we approach the end of the building works. Glad you like our landing page – we hope to have our complete website live around end of January. Will keep you posted.
    Best wishes,

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