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Spring Update: Dust, Sweat and Tears…


Hi there!

It has been a while since our last post but so much has happened that we’ve struggled to set aside some time to update our blog. So here it is…

Some of you may have seen the recent albums posted on facebook which give a small taster of the first phase of our project. We started works on the 5th of March 2012 and hacked at the building relentlessly for 4 weeks. The gutting job was much more extensive than we ever planned and were literally left with 4 outer walls, no roof, barely no foundations and to top it all we drilled through our sewage pipes (not nice!).

Oli has been on site most days shoveling gravel and tasting dirt… God it’s a hard job! His hands and back are aching like hell and he discovered muscles he didn’t know existed!

So the strip-out is now more or less complete and we have started re-building…phew!…


Our team is great: Toby, Malcom, Stevie, Johnny and Pete are the best guys for the job and so far it has been a real pleasure to work with them. The task ahead is monumental, but as the saying goes: “The harder it is, the sweeter the reward!”





Planning has been approved at last, meaning that we are now focusing on big structural works. The new steels are now in place and we have started the roof extension. It’s a good thing that we decided to wrap up the building completely under a scaffold, as this has allowed us to progress steadily with works despite the ever-changing british weather!



Angela? Well… She has been pretty busy too… on top of research for building materials, quotes for jobs, sourcing second hand furniture, attending auctions etc, she is also making sure that our family increases in size, as we are expecting in September!! Why make our life easy, when it can be delightfully complicated!!


We thought you would like to picture the place, so check out this cross section illustrated by Alice Alderson who is working with us to create a series of drawings for our website and  future brochure.

 Some of you may have seen images of our mammoth marmalade production for next year’s opening that we prepared in February. End of June will be the perfect time to enjoy fabulous local juicy strawberries and no doubt we’ll be back in the kitchen preparing some yummy jam to serve with our cream teas!


We’ll make sure that you won’t need to wait as long for our next blog and, at the speed things are going right now, there will be lots to share.


Enjoy the summer and see you all soon!

Angela & Olivier



9 Responses

  1. Dixie says:

    Dearest Angela, Ollie and Leila,
    It’s looking wonderful – and the builders look cool too! Wishing you sweet rewards – you certainly deserve them.
    Lots of love, Dixie xxx

  2. heleen says:

    Dag lieverds,

    So lovely to see you in front of a lovely spot at the seashore. All the three of you do look wonderful? Leila or little Angela? She looks so much the same as you Angie. Your website is very nice with the pictures of the hard working builders, including Oli!!! And the drawings. Exciting also to see your guesthouse in the middle of the other buildings. Wishing you good luck, lots of succes and joy creating this special dream of both of you. Dikke knuffels voor jullie drieën van Peter en Heleen.

  3. Fiona says:

    Congrats on the progress you are making and above all on your little bun in the oven! You will certainly have your hands full but so much to enjoy! Can’t wait to taste some of that yummy, homemade marmalade/jam.

  4. MONKEY says:

    i cannot wait to play hide and seek with Leila and eat all of your jam! xoxo

  5. Paul says:

    Thank you for the consideration shown to our guests by you and the construction crew. Having been through the same process next door we can’t wait to see the result. Paul and Elaine. (20 The Warren)

  6. Isaac, Francesca & Wim says:

    Hi Leila, Angela & Olivier – Congratulations with the blog, the project and the pregnancy. It all looks fantastic! We can’t wait to come and visit. All the very best.

  7. steve and ginny kingston says:

    a pleasure to meet you in the honeypot this morning. just checking your website and very impressed! you seem very relaxed for a family working with cornish buiders……their pace of life is,after all,the reason why the farfar west is a wonderful place.we will enjoy watching your progress and success. our best wishes to you four

  8. angelaolivier says:

    Hello Ginny, Steve,
    It was indeed delightful to meet you both at the Honeypot. I wouldn’t say that we are relaxed – as we approach the end of the works, we are experiencing our fair share of emotional and financial stress but we will get there in the end.
    Do pop in to see us for a coffee around Feb/March when we open.
    Best wishes,
    Angela & Olivier

  9. angelaolivier says:

    Hi Francesca, Wim,
    Thanks for your kind comment on our blog – excuse the very delayed reply. I hadn’t understood that I could respond to the comments posted at the time. Things are moving along, almost at the end of the building works now and then we need to tackle the interiors before our opening next spring. Would be great to see you. Best wishes,

    Angela & Olivier

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